When you’re Lucy is actually shedding the fight in order to Flare, Natsu’s sophisticated hearing lets him to know you to definitely Flare are cheating

When you’re Lucy is actually shedding the fight in order to Flare, Natsu’s sophisticated hearing lets him to know you to definitely Flare are cheating

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Immediately following Lucy’s loss to help you Flare Corona, she cries considering the fury one to she forgotten. Natsu will there be to encourage the woman and even kept out his give, proclaiming that having zero products will make it fun and that they manage change it up to in the future. He together with informed Lucy to keep new rips to possess after they victory. Lucy feedback by stating just how this woman is today turned-on. Afterwards, whenever she was in the fresh new infirmary on account of multiple wounds, Natsu is actually one of the first people that observed she wasn’t here, including Wendy and you can Porlyusica.

When Lucy are bringing a shower immediately following their loss in order to Flare, Natsu instantaneously turned up to and told you “I can wade check out the lady,” causing Elfman stating the guy cannot. Natsu in the beginning cannot appreciate this, however realizes prior to he could be dropped by Erza, preventing your regarding peeping. Simultaneously, whenever Lucy lost both fits against Flare and you can Minerva, Natsu is actually supposedly the first ever to getting from the their side, plus rested their head-on their lap.

To the Last Date, Lucy asked to participate in Naval Find it hard to make up for their failings towards the First-day. Lucy survives assault immediately following assault regarding most other opposition, especially, Juvia, and eventually, she and you may Minerva are the just of these left within the water, invoking the 5 time rule. Even with the lady greatest jobs, Lucy try brutalized and tortured of the Minerva, which spends this lady such as. She and additionally will not let Lucy hop out with ease when it is disqualified. Pursuing the five-minute laws is over, Minerva retains Lucy away from fields, battered and you can damaged, into the a trophy-such as style, prior to shedding the girl towards ground lower than. Fortunately, Natsu and Grey went on https://datingranking.net/france-trans-dating/ really stands and you may trapped Lucy minutes in advance of she involved hitting a floor. Just like the Lucy is treated from the Wendy and you may Chelia, Natsu, filled up with frustration, nearly periods Minerva but is stopped by other Sabertooth guild in addition to Erza.

Once getting drawn towards infirs, Lucy apologizes to everyone. Immediately following Makarov informs him or her that they will have to combine this new groups on the four people, Natsu stacks up upset proclaiming that he’ll rating revenge having Lucy and that he would not forgive them having laughing from the their friend. Since the the fresh Fairy Tail takes the field Lucy wants to possess folk so it can have the every.

Rather men and women encourages the woman placing comments to your good she did and she drops sleep holding the girl tactics

Lucy awakens in order to Wendy and you can Carla advising their of what actually is happening on event and therefore Natsu perform come and you can select her prior to their fits. Just before Natsu and Gajeel’s combat brand new Sabertooth mages, Pain and you may Rogue, Natsu went to Lucy to see if she try effect people ideal. Lucy requires if the their matches is 2nd and he claims one it is hence he would win they for certain. Ahead of Natsu leftover, Lucy informed Natsu one to she thinks within the him and constantly got ever since she entered the new guild. When he heads aside, he asks Wendy and Carla to look at this lady. Before the fight begins ranging from Natsu and you may Gajeel against. Sting and you will Rogue, Lucy is visible smiling and you can whispering Natsu’s identity within her bed.

Just after Natsu and Gajeel’s battle with the new twin dragons away from Sabertooth, Gajeel brings them to an effective dragon graveyard beneath the stadium where they come across Yukino and you may Arcadios, just who states that he would want the help of a great Celestial Heart Mage due to their Eclipse enterprise. Natsu quickly confronts him and needs knowing as to the reasons he requires you to. Later on, the team finds out concerning the Eclipse endeavor and its mission, however, have been disturbed in the event that Fiore military comes to arrest both Lucy and you can Yukino. Lucy angrily battles against they and Natsu tries to cut her, but his wonders is actually drained of the Eclipse door including the remainder of the most other Fairy End mages and he could be thrown out of one’s palace. Whenever Lucy are captured, Natsu is positively concerned with this lady and every second he just desired to break into the latest castle and you can help save her. Not surprisingly, Erza and the someone else tied him off in order to avoid a scene.