She phone calls Gao Quan A keen to come by to help you pretend so you can feel a love rival

She phone calls Gao Quan A keen to come by to help you pretend so you can feel a love rival

Zhao Di and you may Gao Quan A keen create a scene at the front regarding Ms. Zheng’s house. They accuse this lady away from moving to help you conclusions within the Sheng Nan’s case. Sheng Nan and you can Lu Jin hurry here to get the girl dos relatives in order to back off. Lu Jin says to his mom your instance could have been examined and you will Sheng Nan was innocent. The guy requires his mommy never to end up in problems for her. Ms. Zheng wishes Lu Jin to arrange a dessert that have Sheng Nan.

Event 14

Zhao Di provides an excellent break into Lucas and thinks he’s the one. Gao Quan A keen suggests Sheng Nan to attend the new dinner with Lu Jin’s mom and is created during the lodge. Sheng Nan including chooses to bake a meal to own Zi Qian saying thanks to him for cleaning this lady identity. Lu Jin is a bit envious when he learns. Zi Qian are planning on confessing his feelings in order to Sheng Nan but this woman is in a rush to attend the new eating.

When Lu Jin and you will Sheng Nan generate, they are surprised observe that it is a premier administration dinner. They are within a great Japanese bistro into cook cooking and you will offering him or her immediately. Sheng Nan are questioned to cook into the excuse which they need certainly to decide to try the lady cooking. It’s completed to humiliate their. Lu Jin stacks up on her behalf and you may insists to aid her aside. Sheng Nan rushes out of the eatery in rips that have Lu Jin within the pursuit.

Cook Yu attempts to assault Sheng Nan in the a left behind street. Lu Jin safeguards this lady and you can will get strike that have a bottle. He claims it’s worthwhile having him to guard the girl just like the he loves the lady. Sheng Nan kisses your abreast of reading those terminology.

Meng could have been tailing Zhao Di. He discovers you to Lucas was a-two-timekeeper. He reaches learn Lucas’ secret rendezvous area and you may tells Zhao Di. She gets to the hotel place to understand that he is actually an abundant playboy. Meng tries to cover Zhao Di when Lucas slaps the lady. Zhao Di cries over the humiliation however, Meng’s exposure cheers the lady upwards.

Lu Jin’s sibling will be stressed because of the his mom to greatly help from members of the family organization. She actually is afraid of Lu Jin’s purposes.

Episode 15

Lu Zheng is not seeking operating. His passions is in tinkering with motors. But not, their dad, Lu Ming Ting, is not from the better of fitness. His business is including not succeeding. In the event the businesses finance was due, information on fraudulent bookkeeping in fundamental subsidiary surfaces. However, Ming Ting will not look for help from Ms. Zheng’s Zheng Hong Category. The guy collapses while in the an event and that’s admitted in order to hospital. He expectations Lu Zheng tend to slow know or take over the team.

Meng and Zhao Di are starting to locate nearer. He requires Zhao Di to accept him while the the girl sweetheart. Ms. Zheng says to Li Man that she dreams the latter is also remain to the family. She desires the My Transsexual DateВ org girl are Lu Jin’s spouse.

Lu Jin brings Sheng Nan so you can a resort to see a day along with her. Sheng Nan concerns him in the his exes. According to him which they split up on account of his functions probably given that he did not truly love her or him. Lu Jin in addition to assures her that there’s little anywhere between him and you can Li Son hence he’ll never clean out this lady such as their exes because the guy loves their.

Sheng Nan invites some family off to the resort and Zi Qian. Zi Qian doubts if Lu Jin gives Sheng Nan the latest delight she is really worth. However, Lu Jin informs your he can also be. The guy and additionally reminds Zi Qian who Sheng Nan enjoys. Hence, Zi Qian wouldn’t be capable of giving Sheng Nan the new joy you to she desires both. Zi Qian warns Lu Jin to consider their own terms.

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