Can a 25 year old, unemployed son, living with his parents get assistance?

Can a 25 year old, unemployed son, living with his parents get assistance?

It can’t be right but my friends’ son is. He receives health insurance and $200/month in food stamps! Doesn’t it depend on household income? anon410

The welfare system needs reform! Grow up and don’t get pregnant unless you can afford to take care of your child! Americans, and I’m one of them, are so lazy and think the world owes them a living. anon401

I don’t have a job and had to leave school, because I couldn’t get enough money to cover all the expenses. My aunt and uncle were granted custody of me at a young age and because of that, I was forced to declare independent status before I could go to school. I’m trying to get a job, but it’s not going well and my escort backpage Indianapolis boyfriend and I are running out of money. Am I qualified? anon394

>I know a lady who has six kids she has been on welfare since she was sixteen now she is 38. lives better than me who is making more than $50000 a year. anon386

If you are a single mom and you can’t work, then most of the time the state can help you out. You need to show that you are willing to work. I am a mom who is a waitress with two kids and receive food stamps because I don’t make a cretain amount of money. When both kids were not even born, I worked and received help. All you have to do is be able to talk to your case worker and if you are nice to them, they will usually try to help you. anon376

My mom works hard everyday and commutes a lot of hours. She cannot sign my loan papers to go to college and its really hard finding a job as im 18 with a GED. She wants me to get this welfare stuff because she has been paying taxes all her life, working since 14 and knows its a hard work environment. Funny thing is though. I have pride? Life is funny. So im stuck in that situation. Broke as hell also. anon376

What happened to morals?

Not all people on welfare are “gold diggers.” as a matter of fact some are teens with need of help until they can face the world with their own with their new child. And if you have a comment on ” it their fault for getting into this mess” don’t judge. every one has made dumb decisions but should one be judged for the rest of their life ? Please try to look at all the facts before stating ignorant opinions and comments. You don’t know what anyone is facing in life, most are just easy to judge ” let those who have never sinned throw the first rock” i’d rather be on welfare then in a way pay back with my own taxes than to borrow money from people i know and never pay them back like most people have done to me anon370

I’m 19 and currently living with my boyfriend

I would be willing to bet most people on here asking for welfare can afford the internet, cell phones and computers. But feel they are entitled to them. Then they ask hard working people to pay their way because they are too lazy to work. anon369

It’s getting to the point, everyone wants help but no one wants to work for it. Get out and get a job and stop wanting everyone else to pay for your problems or mistakes. anon367