The adult dating site is mainly uncensored, but you aren’t bombarded with skin-only pictures and videos

The adult dating site is mainly uncensored, but you aren’t bombarded with skin-only pictures and videos

The Review

Welcoming to people of all sexual orientations, iHookup is a site that offers ways to connect, meet and engage in short-term arrangements.

  • Profiles display your individual social and sexual compatibility
  • Well beyond standard quality HD videos
  • Member’s intentions for using site are clearly and concisely shown on profiles
  • Multiple ads interfere with the user experience
  • No recommended matches provided
  • No member verification features

Editor’s Summary

iHookup is designed to help singles hookup either in person or online, and the site devotes itself entirely to that purpose. From high definition webcam chats to profiles designed to show your hookup compatibility, the site encourages members to digitally meet and play, be that either in person or through cyber sex. Although it is clearly a dating site featuring member profiles and communication options, the site functions more like an online personals directory, allowing you to browse through thousands of members until you find one who meets your desires that the day.

Members actually take the time to make the site work for them, as can be seen in the tasteful profile pictures, thoroughly filled out profile sections, and rapid messaging that takes place. After being on the site for less than three hours in testing, over 30 inbound messages were received, which speaks rather clearly about the enthusiasm of members on the site. And the rather large amount of messages don’t come as a shock, seeing as the site acts rather like a playground for exploring your sexual fantasies.

It’s hard to overlook the video aspects of the site as they rival – and debatably trump – video features on other mature dating sites. Webcam chats open in new fullscreen windows and display members in stunningly detailed HD quality. The site also hosts an R-Rated section that, rather than send you off-site like most other adult dating sites, actually holds a library of explicit videos, which are again above average in video quality and content.

As the site promotes the idea of hooking up with other sexy singles, it has some built-in features to help you find members likely to make the best casual hookup partners for you. You’ll see this come through on member profiles you browse and get better the more you use the site. By completing your profile you are able to see the the activities and interests you share in common with each member, and beyond this the site does a phenomenal job at quickly and visually explaining how well you would match with another member, through charts and graphs like ‘Under the Sheets’ and ‘In the Streets’.

According to SimilarWeb, iHookup has attracted an average of 216,700 members per month over the last six months, showing a % increase in traffic. Visitors spend an average of 2:53 minutes on the site, visiting an average of 4.18 pages per visit. Nearly half of all visitors come from the United States, with France, South Africa, and the United Kingdom following behind. The majority of social traffic originates from the site’s YouTube page, which is likely a lingering effect from the company’s controversial YouTube paign that earned the dating site a nomination for best iDate Awards.

Overall, iHookup more than fulfills its mission to help singles meet other singles for casual hookups and cyber sex. It’s certainly a site where the results you get closely align with the effort you put in, so for those who prefer to pave their own path in their casual dating journey it’s a perfect fit. This isn’t a dating site where you’re likely to find your future wife, but one where casual hookups are much easier to come by.

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