It nonetheless really does all of the overhead also tho there’s been many changes

It nonetheless really does all of the overhead also tho there’s been many changes

I am not sure exactly why but lately Twitter application happens to be shutting down and planning my personal major display while I’m reading something?Y??very frustrating. Resolve this bug please! Moreover it refreshes by itself. Which is really irritating too when you find yourself experiencing reviews after which straight back out wanting to manage where you happened to be prior to going to the statements and it also chooses alone “nope you used to be accomplished scrolling” ?Y™„ Nothing has become solved. Severely correct this issue it is annoying! Movie stars transpired bc they continues to haven’t been solved EVEN REFRESHES NATURALLY! When will this end up being fixed. In the center of reading some thing in fb and check-out my personal online for a moment and then to Facebook and it decides I found myself done and refreshes and directs myself back once again to the most effective! Most frustrating and j get rid of articles I found myself in the exact middle of reading. Why don’t your fix this matter. Many individuals have the same concern yet you never correct it!! performers took place yet again bc it isn’t really solved. One 1 star to visit and frankly basically could provide a 0 superstar i’d! Fix the freaking complications already.

No body wishes a game title page or a team web page. It really is remarkable just how many various ways you should send me press announcements, that We practically just click on so it will disappear. This might be completely needless, and nobody asked for this. So why do We have a notification for each energy anybody happens stay? When a meeting was added at a place we inspected into ONE-TIME that’s across the world in another country? Myspace announcements used to alert myself an individual desired to keep in touch with me, and that I’ve accomplished my personal best to constantly update my personal setting but it is acquiring crazy. Today we’ll need 7 announcements and check they and never just one means a friend We have that has been calling me personally. Perhaps Not. Attention. And I also have no need for a red drive notice making it look like i ought to.

Activities, game webpage, so-and-so moved real time, so-and-so examined in safer, We have memories from several years back to consider, so-and-so published contained in this party, like i actually do

For the last 8 weeks, the notice setup in the application include a total mess. The software could have the red quantity, but one among them are about personal blogs. Any responses or remarks to our blogs do not load into the selection of announcements, and so I have no clue about opinions or responses unless I actually go to the post it self. All we discover become announcements about my friends’ blogs. Further, whilst the development feed operates fine, the menu of notifications is limited to REALLY 20 announcements. Once I search into the base, the web page just jumps and does not refresh showing any further than precisely 20. Perhaps once a week I will browse and become astonished to be able to scroll earlier 20, but it’s maybe not caused by things I did or didn’t perform. AND once we scroll returning to the top of the list and scroll back off, I’m limited by 20 once again. AND notifications for my blogs however aren’t within the listing. I’ve a fresh new iphone 6s Plus (a few months), therefore if Twitter doesn’t fix it shortly, my goal is to feel convinced that the challenges were a means to drive individuals update her devices for the latest versions.

Now you’ve gone and aˆ?improvedaˆ? the browsing event, AND I ALSO CAN NO LONGER SELECT THE SUBSTITUTE FOR SYNC our CALENDAR ANYWAY

Really. I’d like my personal entire schedule within one put, home, perform, enjoyable, that is certainly maybe not going to be the Twitter activities case, when you imagine i’ll keep using that to setup, look for or advocate for using activities, you better go back to which makes it easier to sync with the iFamily of processing. It always simply immediately sync anything from FB to iCal, not a problem. Next about 8-9 period ago, that quit, and I needed to either physically sync activities one by one from my cellphone, or go to a web type of FB, find my personal schedule, and by hand determine they to connect all. As well as that doesn’t revise any occasions, in fact it is a pita. ?Y?  My personal main product is an iPad. Do you comprehend the PITA really to encourage safari to fun a web centered form of a website? We have currently began making use of other software to set up occasions for my tasks which happen to be extra easy to use to all OS’s. And I shall be advocating to people accomplish similar. You should perhaps not make people intertwining FB within their stays in ways they really want they harder.

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