At laboratory, Kenson presents Target Rho in order to Shepard

At laboratory, Kenson presents Target Rho in order to Shepard

The Chief becomes wary immediately after seeing that the brand new Reaper artifact try resting in the great outdoors. Shepard is actually overcome on the sight, which shows those Reapers rushing toward a size exchange. All of a sudden, Kenson brings a weapon with the Shepard and you can says she cannot let the fresh Chief prevent the Reapers; Kenson and her cluster got indoctrinated of the Target Rho . Shepard disarms Kenson, whom escapes and hair your throughout the chamber since it is swarmed which have shields. Shepard matches as long as you’ll, it is eventually overloaded and you can disabled.

Shepard awakens 2 days after for the a healthcare lab into the Project Feet, towards surprise of your monitoring medic. Shepard disables a couple of shields, but is closed on the area because of the medic. Within the regional critical, the new Frontrunner takes command over a beneficial LOKI Mech outside, and this Shepard uses so you’re able to eliminate the scientist and you will split the apparatus that seals off of the area. Shepard serves up and enhances through the Venture Ft, intending to over “your panels” till the Reapers get to less than couple of hours.

The brand new Leader matches courtesy Kenson’s indoctrinated safeguards shields to reach the control center and you may prepares to interact new Base’s motors. Immediately after being informed by the Base’s VI one initiating your panels have a tendency to destroy the Bahak bodies 304,942 colonists, Shepard verifies the order. The brand new engines ignite plus the asteroid increases on the the newest Alpha Exchange. Dr. Kenson interrupts Shepard’s try to accessibility communications, intimidating to help you overburden the Base’s mix center to end your panels. Dealing with new key, Shepard manually starts air conditioning options to end Kenson’s crazed bundle. From the core chamber, Kenson laments not being able to listen to new Reapers’ whispers any further and you may witness the visiting the fresh new universe.

When she brings up a-bomb detonator, Shepard attempts to speak their off, but Kenson however clicks the new key and you may becomes deceased throughout the burst, which also incapacitates Shepard

When Shepard recovers, this new asteroid happens to be times of colliding into Alpha Relaymander Shepard races on the Project Base’s coach getting shields to help you stay away from, but is far too late; the last of your own shuttles lifts regarding and you may rate aside, leaving almost every other Investment employees. Shepard eliminates her or him and discovers a call uplink nearby. When you find yourself calling the fresh new Normandy, Harbinger looks thru a hologram projector and you may tells Shepard that the slip of your galaxy’s society was inescapable. In advance of disconnecting, Harbinger says to Shepard so you can “get ready for the newest arrival.” The brand new Normandy renders its approach and Shepard countries a running dive on airlock. Mere seconds up until the asteroid attacks, the newest Normandy escapes the fresh new Bahak program through the exchange. Because anticipated, the brand new relay try missing together with rush obliterates the device.

Kenson tells Shepard to go to for the artifact showing Shepard a sight that may confirm that invasion was actual

Some time later on, Admiral Hackett chat rooms the new Normandy to help you debrief Chief Shepard inside-individual. Hackett wishes Shepard to spell it out why a straightforward conserve mission concluded for the depletion regarding a batarian system. Shepard verifies you to definitely Dr. Kenson’s proof of the latest Reaper intrusion is real, as well as the attack got simply months away. The newest Chief had no possibilities however, so you’re able to destroy the brand new Alpha Relay, even after exactly how this would doom brand new batarian colonists. Hackett are found because of the Shepard’s tale, claiming he’d bring a good medal so you’re able to Shepard for it, but shows that tensions between your Solutions Alliance and the Batarian Hegemony were powering highest; the batarians might start a battle more Shepard’s measures. He had been then a wanted guy, putting on the brand new standing from a war unlawful, while you are Admiral Hackett admitted the guy spotted your since the a hero the guy advised Shepard however eventually have to give themselves up. Men and women know about the Reaper possibilities, but no body had seen the items that Shepard, Hackett and Anderson had viewed. Before you leave, Hackett warns one to at some point, Shepard will have to deal with demo more which experience on the planet.

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